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Saw Till

author-gravatar snuttekudden Apr 23, 2017

I made a saw till for my bigger saws. It was a nice little project, and an opportunity to practice some dovetails. 

The finished project, with all the saws installed. Pretty neat, I think.

This is was the situation going in to the project. Not optimal, and with two "new" saws ordered I had to do something about it.

I have had some old shelves laying around for a long time. I intended to use them in my earlier apartment, but never got around to putting them up.

Starting with the sides of the saw till. The boards were chamfered, I had to clean them up for gluing.

Cutting the boards to width. I've been notoriously bad at following a line, when ripping. It was easier to do with my new saw bench.

Checking to see if the joints will be tight.

Glue up. I've never liked the gluing part of woodworking, I find it stressful. This time it was relatively simple though.

Cutting the top to length.

The boards were not flat.

So some planning was needed.

Got there shortly.

Sketched a curve.

Broke a blade, on the fretsaw. 

Needed some rasp and file work to eventually get a satisfying result.

I tried the little plane to cut a dado. Lesson learned, it really is the wrong tool for the work.

Lots of tear out.

Started with laying out the dovetails for the drawer. I partially started this project to get some dovetailing practice. Since the drawer would be rather hidden, I started with it.

Mark the waste. 

Cut it.

Removing the majority waste.

Cleaning up with a chisel. 

Not good, but not terrible either. Good enough for a beginner in a shop project.


The joints got better with some practice. An encouraging sign.

Over to marking the dovetails for the cabinet. 

Checking if it fits.

Dry fit.

Checking if the drawer fits.

Making the dado for the shelf. Using a different method this time. Marking the lines with a knife

Using a chisel to get to the depth.

And removing the waste with a router plane. Router planes are so fun to use. I'm going to have to find more projects where I need one.

Much better result.

The dry fit of the shelf is ok.

Glue up of the drawer. I need a glue with longer open time. This was painful. 

When I dry fitted the drawer it was square, the result after the glue had dried was a little out of square. 

Cleaning up.

This glue up was not quite as stressful as the drawer.

Checking the drawer again after the glue ups. It was a little too tight now, so I had to remove 

I'm using elfa-system to hang the saw till on the wall. I want a column of air between the wood and the wall since it is a basement shop.

Cleaning up the joints of the cabinet.

The dovetails after clean up.

The support for the katabas. 

I attached the rest with screws, so that I can replace them in the future if I need to.

Finishing with a couple of layers of BLO.

Complete project, without the drawer and saws

Another angle

Loaded with the saws, and the drawer is in place.


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