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Outdoor Eucalyptus Couch

author-gravatar nvalinski Apr 27, 2017

This couch was designed to be flat packed in the largest size that FedEx will ship. It has hand-planed, chunky legs with a slatted back and finger jointed corners. 

Eucalyptus piled up outside, ready to be chopped up

Mortises marked out and routed for each slat using a plunge router, 1/4" spiral bit, and an edge guide. Ends were mortise and tenoned on. Not glued yet, since slats need to be added in. 

Slats all tenoned on a router table and later given a chamfer.

Glueup is tricky, but the back is assembled. 

Legs were rough shaped on a bandsaw, then cleaned up with a handplane

Sides chopped down to allow the side boards to sit in the space. 

Sideboard clamped on. 

Skip a lot of steps... finger joints on the side boards were hand cut and chiseled. Arms were cut on the bandsaw and rounded over. Arms got bigger triangle supports later which attach the armrests with pocket holes. Arm supports are mortise and tenoned into the side board. Back is bolted through the legs. 

Bottom slats are laid across. Couch is oiled with teak oil. 

Everything is disassembled and packed into a box.    

Shipped off


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