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Work Top For The Tower Of Dowel Power 3 Tool Flip Top Bench

author-gravatar Grimster Aug 05, 2017

I build a workbench that stores 3 tools underneath it (scrollsaw, bench grinder, and drill press) and I wanted a little topper that gives me a vice and what not.

Big slab of white oak, roughly 4 inches by 11 inches about 12 feet long, and a nice spalted piece of maple, total $30

oak slab cut up and ready to meet the planer and joiner

Trying to cut the maple up so I get a couple nice 6x15 pieces

and here's my 2 pieces of maple for the vice and the oak underneath cut and ready for shaping

leftover maple, I'll do something with it, someday!

getting ready to cut out the handles for the vice from some black walnut

getting ready to chisel out for the nut

Drilling holes so the nuts don't move, I broke the damn bit off in BOTH of these, so I just left it, if it wants to stay in there so bad, then stay, I say!

Taped it up so the epoxy wouldn't get where I didn't want it.

all planed up 4 sides and ready to glue

gluing up the benchtop

gluing up the benchtop

Gluing a little cover over the bolt to hide it.

This is not just on upside down, it's on backwards, literally the only way I could have screwed this on MORE out of place is if I'd just screwed it down to the top, but such is life and learning.

this little vice was less than $20 on Amazon

the knobs all glued up.

sanded the top smooth and applied a couple coats of Watco Danish oil

Sure makes that oak grain pop!

White oak top, maple vice, black walnut knobs and poplar scrap for the pieces around the bottom

the rest of the small vice attached

and more dowel power, here holding the top from sliding around

In keeping with the dowel power theme

Shoulda went with a single screw vice, I only have 2 hands!


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