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Longclaw, The Sword Of Jon Snow

author-gravatar Lt_Skitz Aug 06, 2017

Going to Dragon*Con in September, it's like ComicCon but in Atlanta. I'm going to dress up (cosplay) as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. Part of his outfit is Longclaw, the Valyrian steel sword he gets from Lord Commander Mormont. Being just costuming for fun, I'm not too concerned with perfection, but getting close and having fun with it in the process.

I bought a $25 practice sword off eBay that's a bastard sword and the same length and rough crossguard as Longclaw. Annotations on the pictures.

Finished Product First

The Sword when purchased from ebay. I think oak?

I draw on an approximate shape of the crossguard. Though the real sword doesn't go up the blade so much, I don't want to remove more than this practice sword could handle.

Start cutting waste.

All the cuts, time to start chiseling.

With chisel and rasp, I begin shaping the form.

Who doesn't love detail shots?

Who doesn't love detail shots?

Shape some concave portions to reduce visual weight.

Rasp rasp rasp with the corradi handy rasp. It's pretty...handy.

The file in the handy set helps give a really nice finish.

Nearly done, just a little shaping left.

My high-tech paint booth.

A light sanding & silver spray paint.

Begin carving the pommel  

Not too bad. Lopsided as I discover later, but for a first time, pretty decent.

White trim paint

Detail paint

How his looks from the replica store render.

Tools used, minus the saw I forgot to put in the pic. Also doesn't include the carving tools.

WoodRiver butt chisels from WoodCraft

Corradi Gold Precision 6" Half Round Rasps, Cut 6 and Cut 10

Corradi file and rasp from the Handy Files & Rasps 6-pc set

Pencil. In pink to match my shirt.

Mallet by Quackenbush Woodworks.

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This looks like a fun project. It turned out awesome man!

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