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Stargazer/Viking Chair

author-gravatar Lipongo Aug 06, 2017

As part of the /r/woodworking challenge "something to sit on" I decided to follow for my entry.

Finished with some Danish Oil on display.

Two 2x6x96 boards is all the wood needed.

All the cross cuts finished to bring the pieces to length.

Ripped all the boards down to 5" to get some clean edges for the glue up.

Over thought the glue up and ended up with a more difficult glue up than it should have been.  Turned out well so I count it a win.

Dry fit check with the cut out slot in the two back boards and the seat.  Took a few tries with widening and the slot.

Back glue up went better with the lessons learned from the seat glue up.  Barely had enough clamps...

All sanded and even sketched the logo for my hobby shop, in case it isn't obvious I am no pro.

Hand traced the logo then hand painted.  Not perfect but still looks good.


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