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Gaming Table

author-gravatar robwis Dec 04, 2018

This was inspired by the GeekChic tables.  It has a removable top that exposes a recessed play area.  Along the interior of the play area is a track that can accept accessories (like book stands, or dice trays, which I have yet to build).  On the exterior are individual drawers for players, and some hidden cup holders.

The base is hard maple, painted matte black (oil enamel).  The top is cherry, darkened with a lye solution, and finished with Arm R Seal.

This project took me almost exactly a year.  The first and last photos are about 360 days apart, but that doesn't factor in all the research and planning.

The first step, gluing up the legs.

A template for the leg mortises.

I wanted to be able to remove the legs, so they have a hanger bolt, onto which a cross block is bolted that pulls the skirt into the legs.

When I started this project I was flattening by hand.  By the time i got to doing the leaves for the top, I had had enough, and I bought a planer.

Interior structure for the base.  There's a mix of half blind dovetails, mortise and tenons, and cross laps.  But it's designed to be entirely stable without a drop of glue.

I went a little overboard on the joinery here.  Everything comes together presenting a mitered fit, but the interior rails join using box teeth, and the exterior lip uses a spline.  (I didn't yet own a domino).

Final dry fit of everything.  No glue required!

All the milled up parts ready to start getting finished and assembled.

Pre-finishing the interior rail.

The drawer fronts were maple, and sprayed with the enamel.  The masking worked better than I had hoped.

Gluing up the main tray.

Attaching the top rim to the tray.

The leaf lift pin.

The table breaks down into 4 legs, the base and the top.

The cupholders use a push-to-open drawer slide.  The other drawers use standard slides with a handle.

This shows the center leaf support brace, and you can see the lift pin for helping pop the leaf up.


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