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Zen Shelf

author-gravatar jakeddesign Dec 17, 2018

I designed a wood shelf for our Yoga "Studio" (spare bedroom).  It is made from a reclaimed hardwood beam. 

Gluing up the panels.  All the wood I have from the reclaimed beam is about 4-6" wide max before jointing/planing.

Angles cut, dados cut, and checking the fit of a shelf.  I used a sandpaper block to get the fit perfect. (dados were cut BEFORE adding the taper to the main body piece)

perfect fit

adding some finish

Glamour shot!

The finished product.  The actual color is much lighter than this, but the orange wall in this room confuses the camera, even in good daylight.

My beautiful shelf piled with yoga stuff.  This was not my intention...but at least it is getting used.


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