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Beech End Grain Cutting Board

author-gravatar Finnian Dec 24, 2018

I kept this one pretty simple again and just went with a straight stack pattern as I think the end grain of the beech is pretty vivid and beautiful with how stripy it is. Once I wet it to raise the grain I the  sanded it up to 220 grit and then soaked in in mineral oil. For this project I wanted to try my hand at making some board wax so like a lot of people have done I heated 3 parts mineral oils and 1 part all natural beeswax and poured it into some small jars and let it cool. So once the mineral oils had finished soaking and drying I coated the board with 1 coat of wax every day for a week. Once the finishing process was done I attached some simple rubber feet and the project was complete and ready as a Christmas gift for my sister along with a jar of wax for future use.


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