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Live Edge Walnut Waterfall Dining Bench

author-gravatar kryptix Jan 22, 2019

I needed a dining bench and someone posted a 5 board bench contest on Reddit.  This is my reinterpretation of one because I needed a foot rest for the counter height dining table for it to be comfortable so I dropped the aprons down to be a foot rest.  Thanks to the contest for finally giving me the motivation to get this done.

As an aside, I made one big mistake in that I pulled the waterfall miter open when I tried to pull it square with clamps which means I had to fill the gap so the waterfall isn't perfect.

After I finished it a crack developed on the end of the seat, but I think its ok because the leg will hold it from cracking more, so I'm not too worried.

I had a piece of live edge walnut from a tree that came down locally during hurricane sandy.  Cleaned up the bark with a draw knife and sander, trimmed a little bit off so that it would fit through my planer (13 inch planer, about 15 inches wide total due to the curve).  Had to turn it as it went through the planer since the entire piece is about 13 inches wide, also had some cleanup on the edges where it was wider than the cutters.  Cut the waterfall with my track saw (Festool TS 75), dominoed the waterfall joint for reinforcement.  This was mostly to save time since that made the first part all doable in 1 day.

Glued up a blank about 12 inches wide for a leg with 8/4 butternut and cutoffs from eucalyptus, maple, and walnut.  Dadoed the blank then cut mortises in the walnut for the "aprons".  This was a real pain in the butt to lay out since there weren't many square references I could use.  Drill press to hog out the bulk of the waste then a lot of chiseling...  Cut an angled relief and half circle out of the leg after joinery was done, also beveled the edges of the leg to make it less heavy looking, all on the table saw.  Shaped the aprons on the band saw and disc sander.  During the final glueup I managed to break the waterfall (but its structurally sound due to the dominos) by using clamps to pull it square...  Rough sanded before glueup, and put it to use over the holidays.  Finish prep with card scraper and sander before finishing with 8 coats of pure tung oil.  I was pleasantly surprised that the walnut had some curl.


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