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Marimba Cutting Board

author-gravatar Bob252 Sep 12, 2019

As a going-away gift to my son's band teacher, I made a cutting board for her. She focused on percussion and she plays a marimba. I presented it to her in a cake box, along with a tub of mineral oil and wax conditioner.

This was my first end-grain cutting board and it was filled with teachable moments.  I was still learning how to make straight and parallel cuts with my saw. As I was assembling the glued strips together, I left 2 strips out. I had to cut the assembled board to insert the strips.

The woods are maple, cherry, and mahogany from the big box store. The cutting board is approximately 18" x 13" x 2". It is narrower on the right end like a marimba.



Photo of Marimba Cutting Board

Each key on the marimba required a slightly different arrangement when I glued the strips.

Photo of Marimba Cutting Board

I messed up! I found my error after the glue dried.

Photo of Marimba Cutting Board

I carefully cut the board on my band saw and flattened the faces.

Photo of Marimba Cutting Board

I'm ready to add the missing strips. It is interesting that I didn't notice the extra strips on the bench.

Photo of Marimba Cutting Board

It is cut to shape, smoothed, and ready for finish.

Photo of Marimba Cutting Board

A little mineral oil brought out the color.

Photo of Marimba Cutting Board

I wrapped the cutting board in a cake box from the local bakery.


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