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Modern Bubinga Cabinet

author-gravatar Sean Sep 23, 2019

I started this project roughly 5 weeks ago and after a lot of hard work and late nights, I completed the cabinet. Some would call it bookcase but I'm not quite ready to call it that haha. The case is solid bubinga except the veneered back panel and the maple drawers. The joinery for the case is sliding dovetails with the doors and base being domino joinery. The drawer is half blind dovetails for the front and a sliding dovetail for the rear panel. Once you get a process in place, cutting the dovetailed joinery is pretty easy. In the video below I share my process for how I did both the sliding dovetails and the half blind dovetails.

I finished the case by wiping on 4 coats of a wiping varnish. In between each coat I sanded with 400 grit sandpaper.  The turned feed on the cabinet were turned in collaboration with Chris Hoehle of StudioCSH. You can learn more about Chris and his beautiful work over at He's also on YouTube at and Instagram:

Thanks to AcmeTools for sponsoring this build. Check them out at

Router bits used:

#bubinga #cabinet #woodworking

Photo of Modern Bubinga Cabinet
Photo of Modern Bubinga Cabinet


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