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Walnut And Danish Cord Rocking Chair

author-gravatar Dylan Jul 30, 2015

Built a full scale model in pine to test the geometry and joints, wrapped in packing wrap. 

8/4 walnut #2 commons at $5 b/f, took my time finding decent lengths. I think it took about 15 board feet.

Milled to manageable pieces.

Laying out the pieces based on the templates I made from the pine model

Cutting the joints, took about 3 or 4 passes with the dado stack. 


Shaping and fitting the floating tenons

2" Flush trim bit to square up the two sides

A bit of handwork to finish

Dry fit

Tung oil applied

The many iterations




The weaving is mesmerizing. Love the outcome of this project! 

Kudos, that's some great work, what an awesome design.

Nicely done, the weaving looks harder than the woodwork.

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