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Quick Lathe Platter

author-gravatar WoodGate Dec 21, 2019

So quick I only have the final product. 6 hours total including the glue-up!

My wife suggested yesterday that I make a bowl for my parents for Christmas. Great idea! I went down to the shop and scared up a bunch of cutoffs. Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Poplar, Sapele and Wenge. Cut them all a little over 10" and 10" wide total and glued them up last night. This morning I went down and did a quick plane of both sides and turned out the below on the lathe. Probably was 4 hours total not including the glue-up. Finished in satin poly first coat is almost dry I'll do 4 coats.

#lathe #platter

Photo of Quick Lathe Platter


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