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Mobile Clamp Storage Cart

author-gravatar DARSFoG Apr 12, 2020

Built a Mobile Clamp Storage Cart. 

My current clamp storage was an old cheep cloths rack from Walmart. It's a pain to move, and let's be honest, just a few bumps away from collapsing. So I decided to build a new one. Researching various builds and designs, I found this one from Woodcraft and I liked it. So I bought the plans and got to work. I still need to get shelf pins and cut the shelves and make the drawer(s). The other thing is it seems to be top/back heavy. Moving the cart, if not done carefully causes it to tip over fairly easy. 

But all in all, it's pretty nice having the cart and being able to move the clamps around and out of the way. 

Photo of Mobile Clamp Storage Cart

This is front. As you can see I do not have shelves in yet, as well as the drawer(s). I plan to cut and work on those this week/weekend.

Photo of Mobile Clamp Storage Cart
Photo of Mobile Clamp Storage Cart


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