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author-gravatar One_Handed_Maker May 24, 2024

The full build video is available here:

The Cahon or Cajon is a timber musical instrument and according to the internet it can be spelt Cahon, Cajón or Cajon. I call the one I make in this video a Cahon Drum because it has a drum skin mounted in the front panel, or the "tappa" which is what the front is called.

Why did I make a Cahon?

From an early age I played guitar and drums then went on to play other instruments including the banjo, mandolin and bass guitar. After losing or paralysing my arm I taught myself how to play the piano. Well really, I adapted my guitar playing to the piano, or taught myself how to play the guitar on the piano.

At the end of the video I play the Cahon as well as the Guitar and Bass Guitar, all of which I made over the last 40 years.

The Bass and the Electric Guitar are also part of the backdrop in this video.

The music recording and editing took 8 days to complete with dozens of attempts at playing each instrument.

I made the electric guitar I play in the video in 1984 when I had two arms and I played this guitar on stage in bands, including a few performances at the Tamworth Country Music festival. The Guitar is made out of Australian Red Cedar and Coachwood and includes a Gibson Les Paul pickup in the treble position, a Badass bridge and Grover machine heads. The other pickup is a P90.

To hold the guitar strings down to make the chords, I used a piece of ply with self adhesive felt pads placed where my fingers would have been on the fretboard. Then I clamped it down with a small clamp.

I made the bass in 2006 out of Australian Red Cedar and Coachwood.

The dimension of the Cahon:

Height: 400mm

Width: 350mm

Depth: 310mm

The top is Australian Rosewood The base is Tasmanian Blackwood The sides are African Mahogany The back and front or Tappa are made from plywood I hope you enjoy the video and it would really help if you subscribed to my channel to help me make more content.

#woodworking #woodwork #cajon #onehandedmaker

Photo of I Made A CAJON
Photo of I Made A CAJON
Photo of I Made A CAJON
Photo of I Made A CAJON


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