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Dice Tower

author-gravatar Clock_Man Jan 10, 2016

I decided to build some dice towers for a couple friends that really like DnD for Christmas. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but ever since posting it initially I've had several orders for more, it was quite a nice surprise! Main body is Walnut with Padauk for the Dota2 logo on the front. This sums up my last year perfectly. I went from bare bones shop to having all the necessary equipment I needed to mill rough lumber to finish a project. I initially wanted to have some things to feature on Etsy, but I never thought I'd get orders from all over the world.

I wanted to make sure that the biggest dice had enough clearance between ramps to make it out. Old fashioned pencil and paper did the trick.

I have a bunch of walnut cutoffs from a previous project that worked great for the tower. I resawed the 5/4 boards down to 3/8" rough slices and planed them to 1/4" finished thickness

Just gluing the tower body together.

Simple process for cutting logos, just find an appropriate image online and use spray glue to adhere it to the wood.

When you're done, use mineral spirits to peel the paper off. I used Padauk for the Dota2 logo

Looks good enough.

I couldn't make the outer box until I had the tower complete. I didn't want to use plywood for the base, so I went with a floating panel. It will only be secured with a dab of glue in the middle of the top and bottom so it can expand and contract with the seasons.

Big regret here. While cutting the miters my blade burned one of the edges and the corner didn't line up on one side. I cut and sanded a fine wedge on a scrap and used that to fill the gap. All things considered it's pretty invisible after cleaned up.

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Very nice! I love the scrollsaw work too. Thanks for sharing here on SimpleCove!

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