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Loom Bench

author-gravatar rlankenau Jan 24, 2016

I built this bench from 6/4 cherry.  I bought a 10' board about 10-11" wide, and planed it smooth with a jack plane.

The legs were initially going to be a single piece, but it used up a huge amount of material when laid out that way, so I changed it around.  The legs are attached to the feet with a 1/2" x 1" tenon, glued with Titebond II.  That's the only glue-up in the project.

The finish is two coats of Watco Danish Oil in Cherry, with Minwax paste wax over the top.

Apologies for the lack of progress shots, I started this back in August 2015 and only just got it done today (Jan 24, 2016)

Photo of Loom Bench

The finished bench, with the loom it was built to match. The loom is cherry, and is very dark.  I'm hoping the bench darkens to match over the years.

Photo of Loom Bench

The seat is adjustable in height.  It has two mortises to allow the legs to pass through.

Photo of Loom Bench

The support blocks are attached to the legs with 1 1/2" 10-24 Chicago bolts.

Photo of Loom Bench

The stretcher is joined to the feet with a through-tenon and peg.

Photo of Loom Bench

This is the only glued joint in the project.  There is a 1/2" x 1" tenon on the leg, glued into a matching mortise in the foot.

Photo of Loom Bench

The rough wood coming back from The Hardwood Connection, Sycamore, IL.

Photo of Loom Bench

Progress shot while planing the board flat.

Photo of Loom Bench

Working on laying out my cuts.


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