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The Tribalman's Shiv (Tf2)

author-gravatar vsur Jan 24, 2016

This is a replica of the Tribalman's Shiv, a Sniper melee weapon from the popular computer game Team Fortress 2. In game it is featured as a wooden machete like implement with a dark reddish brown colour. Fortunately I had saved a scrap of Balau, a Malaysian hardwood, from our house flooring to make this. When I made this I did not have a coping saw or jig saw, so I cut out the shape by drilling holes all around the pattern and then breaking out the shape. Most of the rough shaping was done by rasp. This timber is extremely hard and splintery, so it rasps very easily. The finer shaping was done using an angle grinder with a flap sanding wheel, and finally with files and sandpaper.

Photo of The Tribalman's Shiv (Tf2)

This is a picture of the weapon from the game, and its what I based my design off.

Photo of The Tribalman's Shiv (Tf2)
Photo of The Tribalman's Shiv (Tf2)


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