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Small Krenov Inspired Cabinet (Hand Tools Only)

author-gravatar Timmy2Hands May 31, 2016

I was inspired to do this little cabinet after looking at some of the great James Krenov’s work. I needed a skill building exercise and this piece has a little of everything, dovetails, mortise and tennons, frame and panel, drawer fitting, and even some curves.
Overall 18” tall x 8” wide x 6” deep
The box is 13” tall and the stand is 6” 
Wood species – Hard Maple, Spalted Curly Maple, and Walnut.

Here are some pics durring the build.

I hope that this helps show the scale of this piece. The cabinet is not very big.

The picture next to the cabinet is 8 1/2" x 11"

The hinges are from Lee Valley. Letter B on the list.,41241,41249

The drawer is removable with a round finger hole and has mitered corners.

I felt like it needed something in the drawer so I filled it with walnut and maple shavings left over from the cabinet.

I just finished marking out my dovetails and getting my tools ready to start cutting and I thought this made for a nice picture.

I use a shop built magnetic saw guide to keep the angle of the pins and tails consistent.

I normally remove the waste with a coping saw, but this was a skill building exercise so I chopped the waste on all the pins and tails.

With all the dovetailing complete I started working on the door. It's the same frame and panel construction as my previous weather station project.

Now I started moving on to fitting a small shelf in the piece.

I had just heard Matt Kenney give a tip about gluing on the protruding part of the shelf instead of trying to cut the small corners to fit around the dado. As i was trying this I thought that doing it in walnut as a contrasting accent would look nice.

I also got to work on the mortice and tennon joinery for the stand. I think that small scale M&T work is more difficult than if the pieces were larger. On a small scale even a tiny inconsistency looks enormous.

Finally I was able to get the legs shaped and the door fit.

I then decided that shelf needed something else, so I made a little drawer to fit the space and used some left over spalted maple as an accent piece on the drawer front.

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Another amazing project! I like your magnetic dovetail jig.

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