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Box 40 Interpretation

author-gravatar aaronblohowiak Feb 26, 2017

As part of the woodworking subreddit's contest/homage to Matt Kenney's 52 boxes in 52 weeks, I decided to interpret Box 40. Watching the series unfold, it was nice seeing Matt return to this form to explore grain, color, and lift shape. I used maple and walnut. I had tried using Rosewood for the lift, but apparently I am allergic.  I followed Matt's dimensions, though in his posts they are approximate so a bit of guesswork was needed.

Trying to do some shop photography of the completed project. Too many cobwebs getting all over things. Still, it is the most light in my house.

With my all time favorite tool of all time, for this week, a (sometimes sharp) Ticonderoga #2 pencil.

here it is!

Pacifier for scale.

Amazon echo dot for scale, next to big-brother tissue box.

a peek inside!

power tools (dw735 and laguna 14|12) used for stock prep, the rest by hand. cutting up a bit of scrap maple. I started with one side planed flat and smothed, cut off a slice overfat so I can remove the saw marks. 

double-sided tape like you'd use on the lathe to a backer of MDF to send through the thicknesser so it can go nice and thin without getting pulled up into the blades.

using mdf as a fence for the shoulder plane to set the rabbet. this distance is for the *depth* of the rabbet it in the final box, the width is set by how many passes you take.

Obligatory shaving picture.

And this is what we want, one continuous piece with two rabbets. now all we have to do is chop it up and glue it back together.

Sawing is rough work, shooting hones it. This donkey's ear isn't the best, but it does the job.. especially for small boxes like this.

basic workflow: rough cut on the left, then shoot to refinement. 

Blue tape, not only because this is .a FWW-inspired build, but also because it is the best way to "clamp" small boxes. just put all the parts on a big piece of tape, put in your glue, and then roll the tape back up. 

Continuous grain, shot 1

Continuous grain, shot 2

Starting to work on the lift, roughing out the shape.

...and my guess of the proportions was way off.

Refine the form, with rasp and then file.

yes, it is not in the center of my vise, but so little pressure is required. for this operation, i use less pressure than brushing my teeth.

Much better.

with the lid down.

I tried to follow how MEK suggested in his blog -- put some brads through, snip them short, then glue and attach the lift.

tin snips to right-size the brads

coming together!

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Such a beautiful box! Thanks for sharing. 

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