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Contest Box #10

author-gravatar killedbythegrue Mar 30, 2017

Reddit box contest entry. Box #10 done in walnut and cedar.

I decided to make Matt's box #10 for the box challenge. My box is made from cedar and walnut. I added walnut splines in the corners.

This is my wood selection, cedar and walnut. The walnut has been sitting in my scrap box for 2 years waiting for a use. I was routing it out for a different project and had a major blow out from the wild grain. I kept it simply because of its grain and figured I would find a project for it eventually.

Rough cutting the cedar. I have to cut a section out of the middle to get rid of the knot and a big split. This stuff was like working with styrofoam it was so soft. 

Squared up the cedar then rip to width.

Resawing the board. I'll get a side and end from each piece.

Plane to 1/4" thick.

Make rebates for the top and bottom these are 1/8 by 1/8. I used the marking gauge peeking out in the background to score a deep cut line before using the plow plane. That gave me a much cleaner rebate than I would have gotten otherwise. A big heavy plow plane doesn't work very well on material this small.

My one trip to the modern world I cut my sides out on the miter saw. A fine finish blade does a nice job. Glue up using the old masking tape as a clamp trick.

While the box is curing I cross cut the walnut and squared it up. I wiped on some mineral spirits to decide where I wanted to take the top out of.

Resaw for rough thickness.

And plane to final dimension.

I cut kerfs for splines using my dovetail saw. If I did this again I think I would use a larger tenon saw for a wider kerf.

Gluing in the splines.

Cut the splines off and planed the outside of the box. Gave it a wipe of mineral spirits to see how it looked. It is propped up by one of the practice boxes I made.

Fitting the top.

Top fitted. I put a small chamfer on all of the edges with a block plane.

Pieces for the pull.

Cleaning up the little pull supports. 

Pull pieces finished and ready to be glued on.

Applying finish. I used a very thin shellac and wiped it on. Lots of coats especially on the top then wax.


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