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Child's Adirondack Chair

author-gravatar woreoutoldsoldier Apr 07, 2017

I saw a child's chair at a garage sale and that sparked the idea in me to construct a few of these to give to deserving children in my community. I've built eight so far, and have parts pre-cut for ...I think four or five more. The plans are actually created from a google image of an adult sized chair that I liked. I had to use my imagination to create the dimensions from that image, then I simply scaled them down to a ratio proportionate to a child.

I should mention that these chairs are constructed from very old recycled 3/4" fir (ugh) nasty splintery stuff, but I made sure to sand them down really well...they're child safe..l think the lumber is about 75 years old...they were old school work benches headed for the trash bin...till I stepped in and saved the day!😄


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