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Box 38

author-gravatar Dylan Apr 16, 2017

My submission for the r/woodworking 52 Box Challenge

Box 38. Yeah, I don't know where the missing two or three inches of length went, but while the lengthwise proportion is off I still like the overall composition. 

Sapele for the cases and poplar for the drawers

White oak for the drawer fronts. 

This saw is great for most tasks. Say, for example, if you want a 46 degree angle, or a 44 degree angle, then there is really no better saw. But if you want 45 degrees, well you're in for a long day of sawdust and frustration. 

The show boards are all sequential so the grain wraps around the three boxes and all the boards are resawn from the same board so the color matches throughout. Definitely lacking the pop of that madrone though. 

Routed dados for the drawer dividers 

Dividers are made from wenge.

I hate gluing up miters.

Post glue up. There were a few gaps and one of the side pieces shifted a little.

The drawer fronts are all sequential too. 

A pretty good fit. 

Milling the drawer sides and backs. 

I actually had to make two sets of these, on the first set i cut the slot for the drawer bottoms on the wrong side of the line and wouldn't have been able to space the dovetails properly. 

Lots of dovetails. 

This blue tape method for layout really helped with the half blind dovetails. 


This was a long day. 

Fitting the drawers with a small smoothing plane. 

Pretty happy with how these came out, one or two gaps on a few drawers but overall they look good. 

Holes driller for the cotter pins.

I made the drawer bottoms out of cedar. 

Materials for the pulls. Hemp cord and key chain rings. 

Went faster than I thought. At first I wanted to wrap them in a blue thread to match the milk paint of the spacers but I couldn't find any thread thicker than sewing thread and sew thread just wasn't working so I went with the hemp. 

And they are too big. 

Finished with natural oil. I used a blue milk paint for the spacers.

The grain wrapped effect is cool.

I don't really like the look of Sapele to be frank, but I think the blue milk paint makes it work for me. 

Bookmatched back panels. 

I was nervous about the combination of wood choices but overall I'm pretty happy with it. 

I prefer this side. 

Some misalignments and gaps, acceptable because I will keep this box for myself. 

The left most drawer on the middle row remains a mystery. I don't know how I took that much off, and so unevenly. 

I will replace the drawer pulls at some point with rings of a smaller diameter, they are way to clunky and obscure sequencing of the grain for the drawer fronts, and I'm not sure I like the hemp look on this box. 

Happy with the cedar for the bottoms, looks clean. 


Fabulous box and great dovetails on the drawers

Absolutely stunning work! The grain matching, half blind dovetails and the finished piece are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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