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Box 43

author-gravatar Dylan Apr 16, 2017

My submission for the r/woodworking 52 Box Challenge

The result. 

I didn't take many pictures of the turning process because turning. I made this while I was waiting for the finish to dry on the other box I made for the contest because I wanted to test the milk paint. This bowl is probably a lot larger than Matt's, but I imagine it could pass as the sugar bowl of an aspiring diabetic. The wood for the bowl is walnut.

Inside of the glucose reliquary. 

The lid is Beech. I cut the curve for the lid into half of the blank then trimmed the excess of on the bandsaw. 

I used a small piece of what I think is ebony for the pull. 

Light blue milk paint. 

I think it looks pretty good. 

Probably could have made a more robust curve for the lid, I really like the shape of the base. 

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Really nice work @Dylan . I like the blue milk paint against the walnut and the top is also a nice touch. Thanks for sharing!

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