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Courting Swing

author-gravatar DonnyCarter Apr 30, 2017

Recently while at a friends home, we spotted a worn out, broken down swing. It once swung from low built frame by chains. It was a cool looking, glider style swing, that my wife and I knew we needed to copy. We gathered up what pieces we could to use as templates for out new outdoor project. What follows are pictures of the process we went through for the build. Enjoy! 

Using salvaged pieces from the old swing, we made copies and templates for future builds. This is one of two pieces for the lower swing support.

Another shoot of us using old parts as a template. We decided to beef the lumber size up for our build. 

Once the pieces are cut, we used a small round-over bit in a trim router to ease all the edges. 

Once all the pieces were prepped, assembly began with the swing frame.

Installing uprights for the swing support frame.

Little gussets to support the upper chain hangers.

Support frame assembled.

Building swing support brackets.

Adding swing slats.

Adding more swing slats.

Adding the lower swing supports. These two boards will house the eye bolts for the chains.

Drilling holes for the eye bolts.

Eye bolts on the swing installed. Now on to the swing frame.

Installing the eye bolts to the swing frame. We went with heavy duty swing eye bolts verses zinc platted eye bolts.

After adding the chains, we simply hung the swing on the frame. We're very happy with the results!


Awesome project, Donny! The dog sure is enjoying it lol.

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