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Outdoor Screens

author-gravatar joelav May 13, 2017

My mom wanted some freestanding screens to arrange around a central AC unit on her patio. Instead of doing a simple lattice, I decided to incorporate some kumiko work

I started with some pretty clear 2x6's

I jointed and planed them by hand, then ripped them to the appropriate sizes

Since this is outside, I wanted something with a bit more glue surface than a mortise and tenon, so I chose to do bridles for the corner joinery

This stack of poplar will be for the kumiko patterns. 

The result. This is enough strips for 2 panels. about 1" wide and 3/16" thick

I assembled the frames before cutting the kumiko to length as there is always a slight variance in the internal dimensions. The outside dimensions are about 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall 

half lap joinery for the grid work. These came out really well

Using jigs, I cut the appropriate angles in the kumiko and fit them one at a time

Pattern 1 laid out and glued

I decided to paint the border colonial red. This added a lot of extra time to the project waiting for paint to cure, but it paid off in the end. It's one of my favorite parts

I chose a different pattern for the center panel

Done! 5 coats of an outdoor varnish. I'd estimate there's about 30 hours in each panel. It was a really fun project


Absolutely stunning work, Joe!

Nice work, those look excellent. 

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