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Reclaimed Timber Porch Table

author-gravatar Lancaster_pouch Jun 13, 2017

This is a table made from timbers from a transformer bank on two electric utility poles. The timbers were in the air from the mid 1950's until about 2 years ago and they were just under 20' long, 4.5" X 6". I milled the lumber down in a way to keep the original mill marks still visible to add character...otherwise the wood is basically garbage. There are copper accents to keep with theme and walnut coasters because it was excellent scrap. I don't have any build pics, wasn't anticipating entering a contest with it.

Side angles, mortise and tenon joints for legs and apron

wide shot

Starting timbers. there were 5/8 holes all over these from mounting hardware. This is what lengths were left after cutting all the holes out.

Top Angle with some sun and coasters. Real breadboard ends and a few butterflies. I didn't want that knot in the top, but that's what I had to work with.

Finish on top was a bunch of layers of satin oil poly, wet sanded out to a ridiculously fine grit and then waxed.

Coasters. I found some excellent scrap in the bin. Ran it over the jointer and was surprised how nice the gradient was. A little live edge action for you folks that are into that.

I grabbed a little piece of scrap hard drawn #4 copper with a decent patina on it and fashioned a little hanging point for the coasters.

Finish on coasters is two coats of tung oil and some paste wax buffed out.

Some copper detail for the legs. The patina was great before I started wrapping the legs. Most of it flaked away as it streched around the corners.

Dog tax....if that still happens on the internet. (handsome son of a bitch tho, isn't he?)


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