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Broken Refrigerator Turned Into Deep Cooler

author-gravatar RyanLandry Jun 20, 2017

The story of this thing:

The compressor on our fridge broke. Instead of sending it to the landfill, I decided to repurpose it.

I stripped all of the refrigeration components out of it, removed the shelves and door compartments, and wrapped it in wood. I cut two holes for drain lines and added spigots, and patched all the penetrations on the inside.

I added metal bar handles to the doors, and built notched struts to keep the doors open at various angles. Wheels were added on one side, and feet on the other.

The inside surfaces of the doors are made of white board material for writing the contents of the cooler, whatever that may be.

Hopefully this will be a one of a kind piece for someone or an organization looking to host a good number of people for various events; tailgating, church picnics, etc.

I have yet to paint it or stain it, waiting for some inspiration!



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