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The Velva Credenza

author-gravatar GotClamps Jul 03, 2017

This credenza is the largest and most involved project I have built to date. It was built from reclaimed bowling lanes I acquired from a man in the small town of Velva near where I live. These lanes were installed in the bowling lane over 50 years ago. The bowling alley was being converted into a custom car shop, and thus much of the original building was being demolished/renovated. The biggest hurdle in this project, I came to find, was tearing apart the material, pulling nails, ripping apart the boards and regluing where the old glue was failing, cleaning off old finish, etc. I was building this credenza on/off over the last 4 months between projects and life/work commitments. The case is reclaimed maple bowling lanes painted white,  the drawers are birch plywood with bookmatched ash drawer fronts. The base is more of the bowling lane maple with angled half-lap joinery. The brown portions were finished with walnut danish oil, and the entire project was finished with satin lacquer. 

This was the results of chainsawing 10' x 3' sections of bowling lane apart, using a sawzall, destroying some planer blades/parts, and removing tons of old finish. 

Two gigantic panel glue ups. 

The finished case! 

Mocking up the angled half-laps. 

Fast forward in time, the base and case finished and drawer boxes built. 

Fast forward again to the completed project! 

Thanks for looking!


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