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Wedding Bar

author-gravatar fydor Jul 14, 2017

My Father and I made a Bar for a family friends wedding. It is our first major project and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out! Most of it is made out of construction grade pine and posts, but the wedges are made out of Wenge.

Tried to go for a relatively clean look on the front. 7 Feet wide and 44 Inches tall at the front. Hopefully its a nice accent piece to their wedding.

The whole design is held together with wedges, to be honest I was pretty surprised that our napkin math worked out as well as it did.

We lost a lot of thickness on our counter tops and they were on the verge of being too thin. Would start with a little thicker stock next time. 

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Wow that's awesome! I like the design and the through mortises are a nice touch. Thanks for sharing. 

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