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Workbench (Standard And Cnc)

author-gravatar CTSamuraiX Aug 14, 2017

Wanted to upgrade my workspace from an Ikea dining room table that was mostly occupied by my X-Carve. Crash coursed a design in Fusion 360 and tweaked a few things here and there with the help of a friend who works in a cabinet shop. He also assisted in cutting the large parts down to size since I don't have a table saw large enough for full plywood sheets or accurate plywood cuts.

Here's how it all started. An Ikea table with not enough actual workspace other than CNC operations. Needed some more worksurface to (allegedly) be more productive.

The plan: Designed using Fusion360. Really crash coursed with this to figure out how to use it.

Broke down the 2x4s in half-ish as close as plans allowed for efficient breaking down. Ready to bring to a friend's shop since I don't have large or accurate enough stuff to get all the parts down to size. Also there, the 3/4"maple plywood also being broken down.

Legs sorted out and ready for glue-up.

All glued and ready to shoulder the burden!

Frame for the top. First time ever using pocket holes. came together pretty well I think! Needed a flat surface, as apparently my basement is NOT that. Scrap nice plywood had to stand in.

Test fit result: Huzzah!

Legs that go on for days!

Wide shot, not fastened, just a dry-fit to see how it looks. Still happy.

Discovered some poor math on my part accounting for the sizes on the left and right sides. So had to Macguyver 2" out of them so they would fit. I didn't have enough on hand to just cut new lengths.

But they worked out and the CNC side is coming together. Just ran out of pocket screws. time for a hardware store trip! yayyyyy (also noticed that the sides on the bottom were short too, I really derped hard on that math, huh?

Was able to get new brace boards cut. all assembled and screwed together!

short, but on purpose, so that's good.

about time you put a top on, you hussy!

all ready to do it's job of holding my X-Carve.

and it fits!

Now for the main event! Base screwed on and shelf attached.

Top went on without a fight.

and surface screwed in before sliding it into place.

That'll do. That'll do.

Size difference is on purpose. Wanted clearance in case I had something with overhang that I didn't want hitting the top of my xcarve.

nothing witty, just more angles.

Cat tax. Apparently it's comfy as well as useful.

Design and finished, side by side. First major build and I'm happy how it turned out.

And it's good to know I didn't math poorly when it came to the xcarve size in the end. Looks good in it's new home.


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