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Quick And Dirty Benchtop Router Table

author-gravatar JamesK Aug 14, 2017

This router table was designed to be thrown together in a day, with a 1/4 sheet of plywood, common tools, and minimal hardware. Its important to note, that almost no measurement on this build is critical, build it to whatever dimensions you like. 

I started by laying out a scaled rough cut list on graph paper, then onto the plywood itself, making sure to label all parts during this phase.

Next, I moved on to breaking down the panel on the table saw. (this can also be accomplished with a circular saw).

I'll throw in a picture that explains my "rule of thumb". I determine whether or not I need to use a push stick for a particular cut by touching my pinky finger on the fence. If I can get within an inch of the blade with my thumb outstretched, I use a push stick. If I determine the fence is far enough away, I make sure my hand rides along the fence while pushing the material through.

The next step is to rout dados on the underside of the top to receive the legs. I simply lay the top upside down, and trace the size of the legs with a pencil. After marking I use a straight edge guide and a router to create the dados. The corners are squared off with a chisel.

coming back to the top of the router table, I mark a center line, pick a spot along it that looks good, and drill a 2" hole. This will be where the router bit comes through the table. I also, use the router base to mark out where the bolt will need to go, in order to mount the router onto the underside. Then drilled and countersank to receive the bolt heads.

Assembly was accomplished using glue and brad nails, but the possibilities are endless as to which fasteners/methods to use.

After assembling the fence, I drilled holes on either side, straight through the top, then another set of holes at the back of the top. (This is hard for me to explain, the pictures should help) I then used a jigsaw to cut a slot in between the two pairs of holes. this was to receive a carriage bolt, in lieu of T bolts and track. Knobs can be found at any local home center.

Please let me know what you think, I always welcome constructive criticism.


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