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From Blanks To Bowls

author-gravatar gareth.lintt Aug 16, 2017

So a few months ago (about 3) I turned some bowl blanks. This week I dug them out.

Tape measure for scale - no banana available.

Sycamore (if I remember correctly) blanks.

I looked at my last post, it is sycamore:


And no flash.

This turned into one of those dieter's soup bowls - the hole in the middle ensuring adherence to said diet. Sigh.

So I tried to glue / sand some crushed stone into the hole. This is lapis. 

Walnut blanks. So everyone says to put your blanks into a paper sack with some shavings. Well, no paper sacks. So I figured a cardboard box would be close enough. Seems to have worked.

I left a couple of flat/bare spots on a couple of these small bowls.

These eye spots are the whole reason I took this piece of wood to begin with. My wife's nephew was taking down a walnut, we went over to help and I brought some walnut home with me. As one does... This branch had these eyes on the end.

Bonus spalted maple. This bowl has been sitting under my lathe for well over a year. I hogged out some of the interior around the same time I did the other blanks back in early May. Before that it was just half a log, or so. Even though I did nothing treatment wise I had pretty much no checking. No idea why.

This guy was not too happy on the lathe. I got a lot of vibration while cutting, even at slower speeds. So I left a lot of wood on the bottom and it will be a shop bowl because I got tired of fighting with it.


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