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author-gravatar gareth.lintt Aug 28, 2017

Finished three bowls from rough turned blanks I had done on 02 Mar of this year. I have no idea what type of wood this is.

So I preped 3 of these in early March. Left them drying in a cardboard box full of their own shavings because I do not have any paper bags. They went all ellipsoid on me, but not horribly so and I was able to en-rounden them again.

And I made some bowls. Note: I did not make the tape measure. Those are very difficult to turn.

All 3 bowls have this green tinge to them, some more, some less. It looks like spalting, but it's green.

You can see it a little easier here. This is also my "aw shit, how the hell do I finish this off" picture. Cole jaws are great! When they're large enough to hold your work. When they do not open up that big though......yeah, less so.

Ah ha! moment: jam chuck from piece of scrap (which looks good enough that I will probably finish this off as a small bowl thing).

And we're done. Ish.

I think all 3 came out pretty ok. Certainly not amazing, but the shape is not too bad and my wall thickness is close to consistent. So ok, not amazing.

The grain patterns are quite pretty. All 3 finished with Danish oil.

So the bottoms. Sigh. This one is the best looking bottom.

And this is the not best looking. Up side: this is the part that you do not normally see. (I hope....)

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