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Walnut Crib

author-gravatar quartzee Aug 30, 2017

This is the current progress of my second crib.  This a is a wedding gift for some of our friends who are having their first kid.

Rough cutting some parts for jointing and gluing.

Scraps so far - going to use these for most of the slats.

Here is some of the rough cut I purchase, our friends really like the contrast of sap wood and darker walnut so I selected some interesting boards.

My lumber rack, towards the top is the walnut and some cherry and towards the bottom is mostly oak and some maple scraps.  I took this photo because I knew I was going to be short on walnut so I wanted to have an idea where I was at.

After jointing I took off the milling marks with my smoother.

I think in this picture the parts labeled "C" have been jointed and cleaned up.

I think this is post clean up hence the mess to the left.

Parts cleaned up and ready for glue up.

Gluing up a post.

Started running low on time so I didn't have a ton of boring gluing up pictures but here is a few post gluing, jointing, and smoothing.

Another picture of some cleaned up posts.

Added the tapers to the bottom of the legs and cleaned them up.

View of the tapers and added the holes for the threaded inserts down the road.

Just a view of the legs

Just a view of the legs

Just a view of the legs

Here are the completed slat retainers, another instance of running low on time so I only have the finished photo.

Lumber run!  Picked up some 8/4 for the bed rails and headboard as well as some more 4/4 for the lower rails shown below.  The short 8/4 board is for the headboard.

This is just after resawing the 8/4 for a book match.

Gluing up the book matched headboard.

All 3 of the lower rails completed.

Quick dry fit

Post glue up book match head board.  This will eventually be a curve.

Dry fitting the foot board

Dry fitting the toddler bed.

Another view of the headboard after a little card scraping...lots more to go.


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