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Workshop Router Table

author-gravatar CygnusA Sep 05, 2017

Here is the first of many shop projects I have planned. I didn't take pictures during the build of this mainly because I was figuring it out as I went and my shop/garage is a wreck right now until I actually get storage built. I already had the JessEm router lift and Bosch router that was previously mounted in my sawstop extension. 

  • Fence: Incra LS Super System (17" version)
  • Top: Incra 27x43" (top sits 35" from floor)
  • Lift: JessEm Rout-R-Lift II
  • Router: Bosch 1617
  • Box: 24x29.5x40", 3/4" ply, domino constuction, edge banded using 3/4" poplar 
  • Drawers: 22.5x20" and  15x20", 1/2" ply, dado construction, 3/4" poplar false fronts, KV TT100 drawer slides
  • Router Cabinet: Completely sealed with front panel held by magnets and weather stripping
  • Wheels: 3" swivel casters from the big box store
  • Pulls: 11" satin gold to match the Incra bling (short 1 pulled. I ordered more)
  • Painted using a Fuji Q5 HVLP with Benjamin Moore Advanced paint

Front View of router table showing drawers. One drawer pull is missing from this photo, but is in the mail.

Rear angle view showing dust port and power switch

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Wow you did a fantastic job on this router table! Thanks for sharing!

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