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Walnut Beer Caddy

author-gravatar Drewes Sep 26, 2017

I started this small project as a quick way to build a cool gift for my little sister.  Her apartment has a rooftop  gathering area and I thought it would be a nice gesture to make her a beer caddy so she and her boyfriend could easily take a few beers up to the patio and relax.

I really enjoy all of Maurice Blok's projects, and especially like his YouTube videos.  I owe him a huge thanks for the design inspiration, and he's very cool and great with feedback as well.  I reached out to him during the project to say thanks for the inspiration.  It was sort of nice to just turn the brain off and just follow along with a build.  I did make a few subtle changes to his design - if for no other reason than just to try something else.  Here's a link to his bubinga beer caddy build:

I used rough black walnut for all of the wood, with .375"diameter brass rod stock infilled into the screw holes.  I finished the walnut with 100% pure tung oil.  Since I wasn't making a series or run of these like Maurice was, I bookmatched the two end sides of the caddy.

I hope you enjoy.  I plan to make another one and not repeat the same mistakes I made the first time around.

I used a 2.75" diameter hole saw to cut the large holes in the plywood template.  If I'm remembering right, they are 3.5" on-center.

Following along with Maurice's advice, I hogged out most of the wood in the holes using a Forstner bit before using a router to get the holes perfectly flush with the template and flat on the bottom.

I had previously purchased a section of brass rod stock off Amazon and here I was drilling the .375" holes for the screw holes.

This is a quick shot showing all of the parts assembled and glued.  I hadn't yet infilled the screw holes yet, or done the final hand sanding and glue cleanup.

I learned the hard way I should have trimmed the brass rod quite a bit smaller than I thought.  I left too much rod exposed and filing it down wasn't so much hard as it was exacting and tedious, because I didn't want to scratch up the wood too much.  After getting it close enough, I sanded it down using 150 grit, then 180, 220, then finally 320 using Mirka Abranet discs.

Here are the final finished shots.  The finish is 100% tung oil.  I think the tung oil actually dulled the brass shine a bit, so I'll play around with polishing it back out, perhaps with some sort of French polish procedure.

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I love the combination of the brass/walnut! Looks fantastic.  Thanks for sharing!

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