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Assembly & Outfeed Table

author-gravatar evans_woodcrafts Sep 29, 2017

I built this combination table to replace my old table that compromised of at least, what seemed, like two dozen 2x4's. My old table lacked just about everything you would want in a work surface, not anywhere close to flat, lacked storage, and just plain ugly. Since I recently begun collecting "green" tools, I designed this table to store systainers like my very own Sysport. The back portion contains a long tunnel that I will store my ice chest, chainsaw and a few other odd shaped items that were needing a home. The top consist of a 3.5" torsion box made out of 1/2" MDF then covered with hardboard. I trimmed the edges with Maple and incorporated t-track on the front to allow clamping if needed. I added some accents by using some walnut trim and plugs. The systainer drawers are made out of 1/2" BB and designed to cover the drawer slides to prevent dust accumulation. Once completed, I sprayed multiple costs of General Finishes High Performance. Overall I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of this project and it's a pleasure to work around. 


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