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Lutyen's Garden Bench

author-gravatar Roy_Overthehill Nov 09, 2017

This garden bench was a Christmas gift for my Mother-in-law. Made from Spanish Cedar and finished with Danish oil with a polyurethane top coat. The joinery is loose tennons and dowles. 

8/4 rough spanish cedar


Had to make a planer sled to mill the cedar. My jointer is only 4"

Setting up for resawing 

Made templates from 1/8 ply and used a flush trim bit on the router table. 

This one was fun to make 

Everything roughed out. Had some tearout that I'll have to deal with when I clean these up

Layout of mortises

Loose tennons trimmed to 45 degrees for the corners. 

Fitting the back pieces together. 

This thing is a royal pain to assemble. 

Fitting the slats in the back. Each slat has  four 3/8" dowels with two on each end. I used a hand drill with a guide attached. My back was sore afterwards. 

All glued up and inside drying while I wait for warmer weather. 

Finished with natural Danish oil rubbed in with 600 grit sandpaper. Once that dried I applied several coats of poly, sanding between coats with 600 grit. It's smooth as glass. 

Thanks for looking! 


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