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Honey Do's - Houndstooth Table And Half-Lap Frame

author-gravatar GotClamps Nov 20, 2017

I've been working on an in-depth dovetailed cabinet for a friend of mine. It has been quite an involved project. Between tasks, I've been trying to get some of my wife's honey-do items done. I most recently completed this houndstooth table (made properly using mdf as a substrate with thin pieces of reclaimed bowling lane maple with solidwood edging) and this oak half-lap frame. Both projects were finished with Watco walnut danish oil. Table is top-coated with semi-gloss deft spray lacquer, and the frame with satin spray poly that I needed to use up. Thank you for looking!

Finished product first! I did not make the metal base. 

Here is the table before - with its cracked and stained top, and after with its new top. 

Half-lap picture frame my wife also wanted me to complete. 

Close up of half-lap detail. Half laps could have been tighter, I admittedly rushed this project a bit, as my wife had already been patient with me enough to get this done for her!


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