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Standing Desk Converter

author-gravatar Ron_Swansons_Wood Dec 14, 2017

I wanted to be able to stand at my desk sometimes, but not always.  They sell things like this for way too much money so I took a look at my scrap stock and decided to make my own.  Plus, I haven't done a project for a while due to winter temps, but this was small enough I could bring it to my basement inside for glue-ups and finishing

Bottom shelf is my scrap walnut, plenty of 4/4 and some 8/4 stock

I resawed some figured 8/4 Walnut and added a strip of Maple to be a panel for the top.  Dyed epoxy for the knot holes

Frame pieces cut and just placed for size so I knew how big to make the legs

Legs assembled (not sanded or shaped yet).  Rabbet for both walnut and maple joints.  Holes drilled for steel rod

1/4" steel rod stock cut for hinge pins

Leg mechanism in place during dry-fit (see tape on outside of miter) and legs shaped to allow full range of motion

Legs in place with the miters just taped.  I eventually added rare earth magnets to the legs so they stay against the underside of the top when moving

Testing size/height.  The miters are just taped at this point to test it, top just set on

Gluing up the base inside.  I meant to add splines to the miters for extra strength, but forgot before adding finish.  Should be fine though.  Its just for me so I can add later if it fails

First coat of waterlox.  You can see the 1/4" magnets in the bottom of one side of each leg, plus figure 8 table top fasteners

Final assembly.  I'm going to do one more (3rd) coat of waterlox, then wait a few weeks and rub out the finish with paste wax and 0000 steel wool for a more matte finish            

In lowered configuration.  This is my home office, but I'm taking it to my work desk.  The laptop will sit on it permanently near the back of the desk with keyboard/mouse on regular desk height.  Then when I want to stand, I'll just pull forward and raise it

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Nice!  Great alternative to a full sit stand desk and I like the walnut/maple mix.

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