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Recent Turnings

author-gravatar gareth.lintt Dec 20, 2017

Some recent work I have done. Nothing exciting.

Maple on cherry. Banana (cleverly disguised as a jar of soon-to-be shit on a shingle) for scale.

You can see a lip on the cherry bottom, that is from one day of the maple drying / shrinking. Oops.

This bowl was pure experiment. The maple was spindle turned, basically hollowed out the middle of a log.

Same maple, different bowl. The bite is the wood pith that broke out while sanding.

Half of a piece of the maple used above. Hence the bowl with the bite removed. Very pithy wood.

Sometimes a cigar holder is just a cigar holder. Cherry firewood re-purposed.

Shitty picture of a ring box. 

Used a piece of 7mm pen blank as a pivot.

Just a box.


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