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Fancy Dovetail Alignment Board

author-gravatar KatzMosesWoodworking Mar 06, 2018

I wanted to make a fancy dovetail alignment board. It is made with Zebrawood, Mexican Ebony and inlaid with abalone. A Dovetail Alignment Board is a great shop tool and a must have for good layout of dovetails. It could be a fancy piece like this one or could be as simple as two pieces of plywood, 90 degrees to each other with a fence on both pieces. Please share this video and subscribe. Thanks for watching!

Get the Katz-Moses Magnetic Dovetail Jig here:

Get the Katz-Moses Magnetic Dovetail Jig here:

Japanese Hand Saw Trick Everyone Should Know

Cutting Dovetails with Me and David from Make Something:

A review of the Jig by Matt Estlea

Get the Katz-Moses Magnetic Dovetail Jig here:

Abalone Inlay Dots:

Dozuki Razor Saw:

Marking Gauge:

Marking Knife:

Stanley Sweetheart Chisels:

Knew Concepts Fret Saw:

5 Minute Epoxy:

Dewalt Planer Package:

Forrest 10” Combo Blade:

Festool Tape Measure:

Starrett 6” Combination Square:

Woodstock 3 in 1 Shoulder Plane:

Stanley Low Angle Jack Plane:

Dewaxed Shellac Flakes:


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