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Firewood Box

author-gravatar gareth.lintt Mar 27, 2018

Box made from firewood for the /r/woodworking contest.

Split firewood. Cherry, from trees a friend split. He gets a bunch of different trees, usually free, and splits them and sells firewood.

So I split the splits.

Ended up with a pile of fugly "planks." Which I then turned into....

Planks! (really small ones) These are about 2" wide, 8" long and less than a 1/2" thick.

Making panels, glue stage.

Panels. Front, back are 3-wides, sides, top and bottom are the 2-wides. 

And I have an actual box. The side, top and bottom joints are all rabbeted.

You can see a small gap between the front and the top. I sanded the open top a little too much and was not able to keep the whole thing square.

Bottom of box, with bonus ring holders I have also been making (wife decided that folks would get ring holders for xmas, I am starting early this year).

Final product. Finish is Danish oil, then a couple of coats of General Finishes urethane top coat, and a wee bit o' wax rubbed on.

Action profile shot.

The magnificent interior.

I am running out of descriptive language here. It's the damn corner. What else is there to say?!??!

I have been trying to up my finish game. I thought that this one came out not too bad. And I do very little flat work so it was fun to flex those muscles. Thanks!


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