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White And Walnut - End Table

author-gravatar Mickle_Woodworks Mar 31, 2018

My sister was looking for a specific look for an end table, of course she found some on Etsy for very expensive that were made from 2x4 lumber and could tell not made to last. Decided I could make it nicer for cheaper to her spec. 

Wasn't sure on the material, originally planned to stain pine or something to the dark walnut color she wanted for the top, but some american walnut shorts from my local specialty lumber yard, 20% off already reasonable bd/ft prices.

Jointed and planed

Glued up the 3 panels with biscuits, doing floating tenon breadboard ends Center glued outside are opened laterally for wood movement. 

Pinned the underside 3/4 through, because why not.

Planed flush

Draw-bored with the Walnut dowels, test fit side one

Widened outside holes for movement and glued up just the tops of the outside dowels

Second side

Test fit before widening outside dowel holes

Done, really happy with the joints, Very snug    

Filled a couple holes with some Epoxy and fine sawdust    

Danish oil applied, really happy with the grain

Rough yellow poplar for the frame

Hand cut to rough size

Jointed 2 faces

Planed the others on a sled together to get them all to uniform thickness


Test fitting for top overhang

Used Beadlock loose tenon jig, just without the center hole drilled to just use some dowels

used oak dowels cut down, since Rockler was closed and home depot Fluted dowel pins are all over the place in sizes

Glued and clamped, 

Second side

Glued up 2 sides together first and let dry for a couple hours

Connected to two dry sides together

Glued and clamped

Block planed a ~45 chamfer around the bottom of the legs before cutting to level to see if I liked it

I did

Test for cross beams

Used a 90deg. block and pull saw to cut along the lines for the ends of the cross beams

Marked the center,  put the mark in the corner, clamped on and marked the angles

Repeat for second one, with them each in half way, marked where they met to cut half lap

Cut edges by hand then took 153,000 passes on the thin kerf table saw to clean out the waste

Very happy with the fitment, went back to the table saw to chew out a little more material to get them flush


Proudly made a video of how perfectly snug these slid into place, but it was on snapchat. oops.

Just glued in place


Marked out where to route out for the figure 8 fasteners, also, quite happy with those tight fitting joints. 

left plenty of room for them to swing

1/2in plywood for the bottom shelf, used corner blocks from plywood cutoffs to hold in place.

The only mechanical fasteners i used in the making of the frame for this was the screws into the bottom of the plywood from the blocks underneath

Primed with some heavy hide oil based Zinsser, bad idea this stuff didnt level out at all, even when using mostly dry brushing to get a light coat. 

Sanded down, could have left it like this and cleared, has that CapeCod antiqued look.

Buuut Flat white it is. Rustoleum, oil based flat white enamel.   

Wanted something a bit more protective than just 3 coats of danish oil, dried for a while then used satin Arm-r-seal. Have had great luck with their urethane top coats

Still not in love with the brush marks that weren't flattening

"Paint booth"

HVLP with about 10% mineral spirits thinned

Quite flat, quite smooth. Happy with the finish this gave me. 

Fig 8 fasteners installed


Placed in its final home


Love the project. The combo with walnut/white paint are a favorite of mine as well. Good job on the joinery, this thing will last forever!

Thanks for sharing here on SimpleCove!

This turned out awesome! Do you have any place for this? I'd like to know the measurements you used and make this soon!

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