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Fantasy Trophy

author-gravatar loofy Jun 13, 2015

 I made this trophy for a fantasy nascar we like to play with a friend. Our private league was named Raclette cuz we traditionnaly eat one for the first race of the year ; it's a French  dish ( im french ) of melt cheese and potatoes / cold cuts.

I start with an existing cup and remove the top. The tag is made with gold metal paper and card board. 

the fake #1 shape cheese was made out of polymere clay to look like real raclette cheese. The cups is an original mini pan each person use to melt his cheese on a machine. i shape an aluminium braket and bolt to the mini pan 


Photo of Fantasy Trophy
Photo of Fantasy Trophy
Photo of Fantasy Trophy


Thx man i hope it makes sense even if you don't know the dish

hope my English is not too bad too ;)

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