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Large Shaker Chimney Cabinet

author-gravatar harshdoug Jun 04, 2018

This large chimney cupboard is made from pine from the big orange box store. This is based on a 2013 article by Bob Rozaieski in Popular Woodworking Magazine. It's painted with milk paint Barn Red over Pitch Black with shellac and wax finish. It's almost too nice to live in my basement workshop. This is a mostly hand tool project with the exception of initial dimensioning. Check out my other work on my Instagram page at doug.h.h

Weird grovey white pine from HD

Dados cut and ready for shelves

Main case, cut nails only no glue.

Back panels nailed on, again no glue

Face frame attached, this time glue and nails

Door rail tenons, rough cut from the saw and final clean up.

Test fitting door parts

Now that's tight

Door glue ups

Mock up prior to hard ware    

First coat of pitch black milk paint

Second coat of barn red

Vintage hardware probably from the 50's

Final glamour shots

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Very, very cool!!!!  Love the build and the paint job.  I also like how you "framed" the panel with the HL hinges.  Nice touch!!!!

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