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Bluetooth Speaker

author-gravatar rustednail Jun 11, 2018

In this video I designed and crafted a Miesian box inspired Bluetooth speaker. This piece combines the timelessness of woodworking and design with modern Bluetooth speaker technology. 

The design of this piece takes its aesthetic cues from the simple forms that Modernist architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe was known for. Simple lines, simple forms made with beautiful materials. Ash was used for the horizontal surfaces while reclaimed American chestnut and walnut was used for the speaker enclosures. All the electronics were purchased on Amazon for less than $50. 
This was the first project that I have ever tried a box/finger joint. In the end it adds a nice touch of craftsmanship to the front face. The walnut feet give a nice and subtle sense of floating while the walnut on the top creates spaces for the button controls and storage for ipads and iphones.

Amplifier board

Power cord


Don’t forget to visit my pateron page to get a alternate voice over in more a how to style for this video

Photo of Bluetooth Speaker
Photo of Bluetooth Speaker

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Very unique design, I like it! Thanks for sharing!

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