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Hanging Hand Tool Cabinet

author-gravatar alabamawoodworker Jul 24, 2018

The hanging hand tool cabinet was built from a set of Fine Woodworking Magazine plans. The cabinet features, a plane till, multiple layers of interior tool storage, and bookmatched Ambrosia Maple veneer panel door. The dovetail joinery for the main cabinet compartment and doors where all cut on the table saw. I cut the tails for the dovetails using Paul Jenkins crosscut sled design and a custom saw blade with all its teeth ground to 8 degrees to the right. The little "v-notch" was then chopped away at the bench. The interior shelf for the plane till was joined to the main cabinet with through mortise and tenons that were cut on the drill press and squared up at the bench with chisels. The frame and panel doors are joined together using stub tenons. The panels are made of Baltic Birch plywood veneered with shop sawn Ambrosia Maple. Since the panel is made of a veneered engineered wood product, I was able to glue the panels to the frame which increased it's rigidity and allowed me to use the back side of the panels as a mounting surface for chisels. Below the plane till I made two sets of drawers. The drawers were joined using handcut dovetails. Finally, the interior doors were joined using tongue and groove joinery and hinged to the interior of the cabinet. This greatly increased tool storage.

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Beautiful work, Huy! Thank you so much for sharing with us on!

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