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Mahogany Ladder Shelf

author-gravatar kylelyke Aug 30, 2018

After seeing some good looking ladder shelves online , I decided to try and make my own. I used dovetails to connect the feet to the legs and a housing dado/mortise and tenon combination for the shelves. 

bought some 8/4 mahogany for the feet/legs 

Ripped the 8/4 down into rough lengths. I originally had a different design in mind which is why there are more pieces here than I ended up using.  

Cut some 3/4" mahogany up for the shelves.

Gluing up the bottom two shelves. 

The feet are attached to the legs with dovetails. 

Transferring the tail to cut the pins. 

Cutting the pins. 

Marking out/cutting the housing dado/mortise and tenon joint for the shelves. There were a total of 8 of these. 

Ready for a dry fit. 

I clamped everything together and marked where the tenons needed to be cut in the shelves. 

Cutting the tenons

Dry fit of the tenons

Wedge slots were cut into the tenons

Dry fit of everything

Legs glued up

Shelves glued

I applied a few coats of Arm-R-Seal for finish

Thanks for taking a look!


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